Brief introduction to Teco Group Research Institute

Integrate the electromechanical R&D resources of TECO Group, pooling the expertise of technological talents of Teco Group Research Institute in various fields for carrying out the market research, development, design, and analysis of revolutionary forward-looking innovative technologies, thereby formulating the group's product development roadmap, for short. medium, and long term.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Institute has regularly valuable patented technologies every year, with the total number of patents, either approved or in the process of application exceeding 100, creating abundant R&D momentum for the group's innovative development. The Institute's technologies focus on design and development of motor, motor control, industrial control, robot, industrial network, home appliances and business appliances, mechanism design, heat-flow analysis, software development, design of embedded system, signal processing, PV inverter, electric car, and smart electric meter. It has scored remarkable achievements in high-performance energy conservation, nanometer, 3Ddigital display, which have won it the acknowledgements of CED innovation and design technology award and Taiwan Excellence Awards. It set up an R&D branch in Hangzhou China.

Focal Technology Laboratory

In response to surging automation demand, renovated appearances of industrial products, increasing demands of customers for specifications of electric-machinery products, TECO Group's General Research Laboratory has set up electric-control technology laboratory, green technology laboratory, machinery and air-conditioning laboratory, network application laboratory, and quality evaluation laboratory.

Electric-control and Energy technology laboratory

Electric-control technology laboratory

The laboratory is dedicated to the R&D on the three core technologies of "high responsiveness," "high precision," and "high stability" for industrial-control equipment and engaged in, in cooperation with business units, in sample-machine design, integrated mechanism design, electric-circuit design and analysis, and layout planning, with achievements including:

  • * general and dedicated servers
  • * motor+drive
  • * drive+PLC
  • * various custom-made application functions (turret, textile machine, index plate, etc.)

Machinery and Technology Cooperation Laboratory

Machinery and Technology Cooperation Laboratory

The laboratory is actively engaged in the development of new-type servomotor featuring high-performance low-transfer cogging torque and conducts analysis of heat dissipation for products, including small ones such as inverters and drives and large ones such as electric-car motors and large motors, with own-developed programs, fluid-mechanics software, and workstation computers, for solving such common problems as overheated motor, mechanism heat-dissipation, and noise. The laboratory is furnished with various equipment, including infrared thermovision, thermocouple, temperature recorder, fluxplate, anemometer, smoke generator, decibel meter, and spectrum analyzer, for measuring temperature, heat flux, wind speed, and noise, as well as carrying out various experiments in temperature field and flow field.

Technological Cooperation and Incubation Center

The center is in charge of market analysis, product planning and technological cooperation and transfer, with long-term partners including renowned academic institutions and research bodies, such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-sen University, and National Taipei University of Technology.

Technological Cooperation and Incubation
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