Introduction to ECO Energy Business

TECO has been actively engaged in R&D on green products. Backed by its solid electromechanical strength, it has dedicated to the development of wind turbine, electric car, and PV power station, offering custom new-energy solutions for customers worldwide. Equipped with manufacturing, assembly, and engineering management technologies, it provides key components/parts for wind turbine and electric car, on top of developing, in line with local climate and special humanistic needs, special electric-car motors, whole-series wind turbines, and software/hardware system for energy monitoring/management, for various customers, including common people, enterprises, and even cities/countries.

TECO is Taiwan's major green-energy enterprise capable of producing wind turbines. TECO debuted Taiwan's first indigenous 2MW permanent-magnetic wind turbine in 2010, making Taiwan the eighth country capable of manufacturing wind turbine in the world. TECO launched its wind farm for grid-connection power generation in Inner Mongolia's wind field in 2011. In addition, it has started mass production of special electric cars in Subic Bay of the Philippines, contributing to replacement of local outdated diesel-oil vehicles and creation of a clean environment.

Wind turbine

Wind turbine

In addition to providing for the manufacturing, assembly, and engineering management of wind turbines, TECO has cooperated with domestic and overseas professional engineering-construction teams in providing series services, including investigation and evaluation of wind status, wind-field planning, wind-turbine production, construction and installation, monitoring of operation, and wind-turbine maintenance, meeting various needs of wind farms in difference places.

Electric car

Electric vehicle

Eyeing the seven member nations of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), TECO's electric-vehicle plant, consisting of assembly production lines and auto testing facilities, in Subic Bay has turned out new five-seater Trike, which have hit the Philippine market, with the aim of replacing the existing 3.5 million highly-polluting motorized tricycles in the region.

PV products

PV products

TECO provides turn-key service for PV power generating system, including planning and construction and equipment procurement and installation, plus PV inverter. Five-year warranty and professional maintenance assures stable PV power generation, maximizing power-generation benefits.

Other core products and services

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